Wolverine Packing Company Provides Tips On Choosing The Ideal Cut of Beef

Published: 29th March 2011
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A delicious, tender, flavorful steak is a popular meal for many individuals. Whether you enjoy your meat rare or well done, there are few meals that are as delectable and hearty as a perfectly prepared steak coupled with your favorite side dishes. When it comes to the perfect cut of beef, folks are torn. For some it may be a filet mignon, for others it could be a New York strip steak and for still other individuals a Porterhouse seasoned to perfection. The most effective way to determine your appropriate cut of beef is usually to be knowledgeable about the varied cuts of beef. Below, we examine some of the foremost common cuts of beef.

The T-Bone Steak

The T-bone is a combination of two different lean and tender steaks. It contains the top loan strip and tenderloin steaks connected via the T-shaped bone. The t-bone is extremely good on the grill or on the broiler with rich flavor and a tender texture.

Filet Mignon

The filet mignon is the crème de la crème of beef cuts. It is the most tender and tasty steak with a very rich taste and buttery texture. It's also a lean cut, which belies the rich flavor.

Rib Eye

This specific and flavorful cut of beef is also known as the Delmonico. It is cut from the rib area of the cow, but is boneless by the time it reaches the supermarket. The rib eye is distinctive for its marbling - the greater marbling the more tender the meat is. Abundant in flavor, this cut of steak is popular in France and French restaurants.

The Porterhouse

The Porterhouse, like the T-Bone, has a t-shaped bone joining the tenderloin and top loin. The difference between your T-bone and Porterhouse is in its size. The Porterhouse is thicker and is comprised of more tenderloin than the loin portion. If the bone is removed from the Porterhouse you in essence end up with a tenderloin and New York strip steak. A Porterhouse is normally sufficient to be shared by two or more people.

Strip Steak

The strip steak, also known as New York Strip Steak is lean, tender and full-flavored. It is a fast cooking steak, so people who prefer their beef on the rare side should be careful when cooking. This preferred cut of steak is much more affordable than several other cuts, but just as delicious.

Tenderloin Roast

The tenderloin roast is the highest-quality beef roast on the market. It can be lean and carries a delicious and mouth-watering flavor. This cut can be sold as a whole roast or cut into smaller, center cut roasts.

Prime Rib

What list of ideal beef cuts could be complete without mentioning Prime Rib? This cut of beef is rich in flavor, tender and juicy. It is viewed as the grand champion of beef roasts as well as one of the most tender cuts of beef.

That concludes our examination of the Optimal Cut of Beef. Many more cuts of beef exist aside from the few included here. As you can see, there are usually many distinct cuts of beef, discovering your favorite is a delicious prospect of taste testing.

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